Sunday, February 13, 2011

The start (In his POV)

"Fuck this girl's added half of work". My mind ticks over as I contemplate whether i want to add the fairly random girl i had passed on occasions to my list of co workers on my Facebook. "Fuck it, why not" - *Send Friend Request*

I thought nothing more of the girl, occasional comments and likes passed, nothing unusual, and then, it happened - THE DOOR!

The Door incident, in this man's call was the beginning

I storm through the swinging door, as per standard, as she turns to walk through - a moment of shitting oneself and a brief interaction, and we move on. This was later followed up by a "dance" in which we tried to pass each other, oh how the girl went red.

After these incidents, the comments and likes increase leading to the first FB chat, late one night, started based on an discussion of Soapies, and it was off!

Many of these chats were held, more and more info was passed, as slowly, this quiet little girl, became a free flowing bundle of info, each time getting a tad naughtier, until one late Sunday night as i prepare for a graveyard shift, words not expected passed my screen "Come and fuck me now!"

By now we had discussed it all, and she was well aware of my maritial status, had even lectured me about chasing girls while married, and now after weeks of work, of chasing this girl, was beginning to appear as if she was in fact the one i would break commandments, morals, and promises with.

Each day after was slow and painfull as plans we made for a first meet outside of work hours (inside which we had rarely spoken). Dates and times, places and plans set, and it arrived.

"Leaving Now" the text read as i made my way to the agreed meeting place and waited, talked myself through it, trying to calm these incredible nerves, as if it were my first date with a girl. I sat against the wall, watching traffic, until it came, the car, the girl, and that feeling of my pants getting heavier in the rear. I dragged myself to my feet, stared at the ground and walked over, telling myself "it's just a get to know, nothing will happen"

"Hi" she quivered as it was clear her nerves were as bad as mine, i managed a "Hey" in return as i buckled in and tried to calm down, we set off for her house, and began the chit chat, arriving soon, and walking inside, i found the clear indication of parenthood, one of the early catilists of us talking, i nervously sat as she switched on the TV, news of cyclones flooding my head as i tried to stop the shaking.

Minutes and soon hours passed as we laughed and relaxed, realising this 13 year old shyness was ridiculous of adults in their 20s, she offered a drink, and i held the glass as i nervously drank at it, wondering why she had not resumed her seat, as i let in the sounds of music, the latest attempt by us to settle down.

"Drink Up" the words fell as i found the glass disappear from my hands, and replaced by soft female hands, dragging my to my feet for an embrace, i barely spoke the planned words on no dancing when i found my mouth filled with lip, tongue and passion, the aftershock hit and questions of my well being were present, the blaten lie of "sweet as" followed and we returned to seating.

More kisses passed, as i found myself relaxing with her resting half on me, half on her armrest, this girl who a matter of weeks previously was just that chick at work was now posing the question of a trip upstairs, and who was i to refuse, she led me up, a quick explanation of rooms and finally her room, a bed and the beginning.

Kissing, slow undressing, and then i find myself laying on a bed naked, with her, and thoughts race, morals, questioned, and then it all leaves as passion takes over, an amazing feeling not felt in what seemed forever for us both, and bodies interlocked. Time had passed so quick and farewells exchanged, with promises of better and longer for the day after.

And with that it was on

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