Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guilty Pleasures (Her POV)

Whats tomorrows plans?” I type to my lover. I havent seen him today, one day and it seems odd. It feels like I havent seen him for so much longer. He writes back our usual time and place. I suddenly feel warm and hot and my chest begins to beat a little faster. I always tend to lift my head a little higher and breathe a little deeper when I can feel myself falling into a guilty pleasure.

My lover, my man. I cant wait to hold his head in my hands, lick my lips and passionately taste his tongue. My body responds to my longing for him. I am insatiable for his mind, body, even just his presence. “Love you gg.” (Gorgeous Girl). He writes to me and I swoon even more.

Lost in a flutter of “school-girl” antics that he incessantly brings to my attention, I rub my hands over my bare breast and let it fall to my hips... I want to play but I want to wait for my lover tomorrow.

I let a finger slowly slide into my tight pussy and circle it around my clit, instantly I feel highly aroused and decide not to stop. I think of the way his lips follow the line of my neck and I dig my finger in deeper to the ridge around my g-spot. I circle my g and then pull my finger out and rub my clit in between my middle and index finger. I'm about to cum. I'm getting closer and closer. Then I stop. I will wait for my lover tomorrow.

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