Sunday, February 13, 2011

The First Encounter (Her P.O.V)

Hank Moody turns his gas stove on and lights a cigarette. I love Hank Moody, this week he has become my hero. Every time I've had sex lately it seems that Hank Moody has had a hand in it. Not literally, of course, being that he is David Duchovney's character in the sexy series, Californication. Every time I've had sex lately my conscience demands the cigarette I've been denying it for a few years now.

I've been screwing the new guy for a total of 10 days, also an avid Hank fan. It was building and building and then suddenly after 6 weeks of intense online flirting and dirty talk I was pulling into a car park to pick up the married man, oosing sex appeal as he walked towards me. We were nervous, he couldn't look at me, I couldn't turn the volume down on the stereo. My hands were trembling. Both of us had never done anything like this before. The idea that he is off limits to me, it makes me want him even more.

I tried to resist him. Every time we chatted we got closer and closer. At work we never spoke and the friendship seemed surreal. Then at night time, behind a computer screen we got confident and cocky. We're chatting online, he knew how to get to me and make me weak.

Him: I could run my tongue all over your body, from your lips to your lips. I'm gonna run my tongue all over your juicy clit
Me: I'm listening
Him: My tongue is running back up your body around those sexy little nipples and into your mouth so you can taste how good you taste
Me: Keep going gorgeous
Him: I'm going to slip my fingers into you while I suck on your nipples and then run those finger over your nipples and around your lips. Then I'd dip my dick in and out of your pussy, teasing you
then I'd slam it into you, and pound you harder and harder

He did exactly that. We went to the bedroom, our mouths and bodies tangled in sensuous passion. He was a considerate lover in his foreplay. My body rocked and moaned in response to his lips and hands. My hips moved to his and I felt his large swollen groin and immediately became wet and ready. We removed each others clothing and my nipples became hard and perky in his mouth. My back arched back and he took full advantage of my exposed neck. I rolled over on top of him and moved down his chest kissing and licking as I went. I took his swollen cock inside my mouth and sucked and wound my tongue around his knob.

I was a little intimidated by the size of his huge manhood. He rolled on top of me and gently put himself inside of me. I felt every inch of his huge cock. He filled me so completely I gasped and moaned all at once but it felt so good. He was slow and gentle to start with and it didn't take me long to cum, my legs were tangled on top of him and I wanted more. He got harder and faster and I held him tighter and we became more entwined with each other. He made me cum again and I got even more sensitive. He took my clit in his mouth. I straddled him cowgirl style. He bent me over and fucked me from behind, I couldn't contain it anymore, I screamed. My fifth orgasm in an hour, the 11month drought was over.

Laying on the bed with his head snuggled in between my bare heaving cleavage I thought about how good it was to have him there. Skin to sweaty skin, arms around each other, wet tingling pussy and huge swollen cock. My mind flittered to her briefly and then away again. I thought about the Christian lifestyle I was trying to lead and had now shattered. I thought about those gorgeous eyes looking up into mine. Then I didn't think again. I didn't want to think again. It was more then just the sex for me...

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