Monday, February 14, 2011

Hank Moody, handcuffs and a broken bed (His POV)

One thing learnt very early on was how much we had in common, one of these was Californication.

I had happily burned the first 2 seasons for her, and a week after the affair began i was once again in that lounge chair, a little less nerverous, a little more horny, watching Hank Moody get punched in the head by his underaged partner.

I look over at her, giggling at the scene - that sexy little school girl laugh i had become so addicted to, and mentioned my decision to not let that into our bedroom play - rough sex is good, thats just fucked up! After a few, much interrupted eps, not just with kissing and fondling, but a much humerous phone call from her sister, and my insistant laughter at Hank's "Your secretary makes me want to touch myself in a bad place", the TV was switched off, and we headed up for another dirty, naughty session of incredible sex.

I was thrown on the bed, in her usual aggressive nature, and mounted, it wasnt long and her naked body adourned me, me grabbing at every available piece of flesh, her slowly rubbing her wetness against my throbbing manhood, and sliding me in.

She was wild as she thrashed me until she fell in her now standard orgasmed heap atop me, it wasnt long and again it was on, as i became the agresser, and again it was intense, sweaty bodies sliding upon another, her moaning, and begging for more, harder thrusting, i stopped briefly to make my way down to her wet glisening pussy, enjoying the taste, as she again gave that noise of joy, as she came again, and threw me over.

Again she jumped my body, bouncing on me as if i was some flesh trampoline, enjoying every bit of me inside her until, a sudden stop and "Oh shit", not the orgasm style i was used to, more a concearned, fearful one, as she and i realised, the bed was fucked, bending upon itself, barely standing....."On the floor!" she demanded, and who was i to argue, as i lay down, and she again climbs aboard for one more trip the destination OOOOOOOOO!

A quick aggressively passionate first shower, and our passion was over, and fantasies of the next days fun flooded.

We decided to start our second day with a Latte, another shared love, and a brief window shop, before heading back for round 2 of Californication and of course, sex!

I sat watching, as she disappered briefly, returning with a cheeky grin, throwing her legs across me as she sat, i ran my hand along her legs, under her dress, discovering quickly, a lack of underwear, explaining the grin. I watched Hank's antics, rubbing her pussy softly as we laughed along, her feet arousing my dick. A quick kissing, landed me on the floor, as she attempted a run upstairs, me in chase, catching her halfway, ripping the dress off, and pinning her against a wall, "Back downstairs" she commanded, i followed orders, and trudged slowly back as she continued her journey.

I layed on the floor as directed and was quickly handcuffed to the lounge! Stuck, she took advantage with an amazing session of head, and a quick ride. While she was lost in her sexual pleasure, this sneaky victim, unlatched his trap, and pounced, throwing her over the chair, and thrashing her to another fantastic orgasm.

Another passionate shower, hotter than the first and it was over again.........for now

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