Wednesday, February 16, 2011

James Hetfield and a Jazzy Hatchback

"Hey Baby" - the now standard hello from her as i have once again snuck out of work for my 1/2 hr of freedom and fun with her, she smiles, runs her hand over my thigh, and pulls onto the road.

A familiar song rumbles through the speakers, i look down at the album case, and smile to her as she has once again impressesed me with her taste, Metallica's Black Album - a personal favourite and "Sad But True", my all time favourite song, we head away from our usual trail, we're are not returning to her house as always, we're off somewhere else.

Our instistance on hiding our affair had softened a little, people knew we were friends, and we felt safer being seen in public, i guess that idea i could be busted was a little hot, knowing she was forbidden, hotter still. I still cared if i was caught, the ramifications astronomical, the knowledge this had an expiry date, meant i was lapping up every chance possible.

We pulled into the spot, overlooking the water, i had been here alot as a kid, being it was a short walk from my school, now as an adult, it held much more value. The car switches off, but the music conitnues, we had moved onto "Nothing Else Matters", and at the point as she unbuckled the seatbelt and made her way towards me, nothing did.

She was awkwardly on top, kissing me, untucking my neat shirt from my pants, knowing i hated it so. unbuckling my belt and pulling the zipper, she reached into my pants and began to massage my dick. The feeling was so good, and so risky, midday at a lookout, on a lunch break, with my partner in crime, it was so naughty it was nice!

I had the flashback to an earlier text "not wearing any panties", i looked at those jeans and encouraged proof, she gladly unzipped them and i viewed my heaven, my eden, that sweet, sexy, smooth pussy, i rubbed it softly, not wanting to get her too hot and steamy.

She pushed my hand away, and leant down, slowly, softly, she sucked at my rock hard dick, rolling her tongue around it, oh so seductive, then as if caught, she quickly pulled away and returned to her seat, our 1/2 hour was up and i had to return to my job, hot, horny, and ready for our next adventure, and i wanted it bad.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guilty Pleasures (Her POV)

Whats tomorrows plans?” I type to my lover. I havent seen him today, one day and it seems odd. It feels like I havent seen him for so much longer. He writes back our usual time and place. I suddenly feel warm and hot and my chest begins to beat a little faster. I always tend to lift my head a little higher and breathe a little deeper when I can feel myself falling into a guilty pleasure.

My lover, my man. I cant wait to hold his head in my hands, lick my lips and passionately taste his tongue. My body responds to my longing for him. I am insatiable for his mind, body, even just his presence. “Love you gg.” (Gorgeous Girl). He writes to me and I swoon even more.

Lost in a flutter of “school-girl” antics that he incessantly brings to my attention, I rub my hands over my bare breast and let it fall to my hips... I want to play but I want to wait for my lover tomorrow.

I let a finger slowly slide into my tight pussy and circle it around my clit, instantly I feel highly aroused and decide not to stop. I think of the way his lips follow the line of my neck and I dig my finger in deeper to the ridge around my g-spot. I circle my g and then pull my finger out and rub my clit in between my middle and index finger. I'm about to cum. I'm getting closer and closer. Then I stop. I will wait for my lover tomorrow.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Dripping Wet Power Struggle (Her POV)

I'm watching the final episode of the first season of Californication. He gave me this series the second time we got together, I'd been hounding him for it, amongst other things. The Rolling Stones are playing in the background “ can't always get what you want. You can't always get what you want!” Like I need a reminder, I know he’s married. I've seen his wedding photos. I've seen his wedding ring. It was on when he arrived at my house the first day. It come off before sex, now I don’t even look for it. But Hey, I got what I wanted!

I am the other woman now. The one who seduces and fucks the married man and tries to not think of the consequences. But I do. I try to not think that Wifey exists or if I do think of her its in a way that makes me feel better for screwing her husband. He doesn't like the way she blows him or I'm a better ride. Either way by screwing someone who doesn't belong to me is wrong and exciting all at once. I feel powerful and naughty. I'm the seductress. I tempted him when he shouldn't of been tempted. My ego inflates with my new found sense of power and goes straight to my most sensual of places. I have to have him more.

The second day of the second week- our fourth fuck, is so much more intense. I manage to tackle my morals and conscience and file them under “To deal with Later.” We start a power struggle, is he or she more powerful in this affair. Who has who under the thumb? The first to weaken and beg for sex is the loser. I straddle him while he concentrates on Hank Moody. His hands wander over to my legs and up my thighs as we kiss. He quickly finds that I'm not wearing any panties. He gets hard but he wont give in. I try to pick up my game. I don’t want to lose but I don’t want to waste time not screwing his brains out either.

I move back off my intended conquest and sit sideways on the arm chair next to him, with my legs laying over in his lap. I hitch my dress up, ever so slightly and push my foot into his crotch. He plays it cool. I dig my toe in a little bit more and find his cock swelling under the pressure. My dress hitches up a little bit more and I part my legs so he has full vantage of my freshly shaven pussy. He looked, but he stayed strong and focused on Hank Moody and his latest shag once more. I run my index finger down into my pussy and dip it in, just enough to feel the wetness and run my juicy finger along his lips. His tongue tastes my goodness and he brings me closer and puts his lips on mine so I can taste my pussy too. He knows it drives me wild, I’m beginning to forget our game. I want to throw my hand and just fuck him, forgetting the power struggle. But the look on his face shows a wry smile and I know he thinks he's winning.

Still watching Californication, I run my index finger down into my wet pussy and push it deep inside me. It feels hot and wet but I want his fingers inside me. I pull it out again and make slow circles around my perfectly plump clit now shiny wet with pussy juice. His hand runs from my ankle in his crotch all the way up into my soaking wet pussy. My eyes roll back as my head falls back against the brick wall and a small groan escapes my lips, another finger goes deep inside me.

We stay like that while watching our show, his fingers inside my pussy and stroking me so tenderly and passionately all at once. He takes his hands out from inside me and pushes his body into mine as we begin kissing again. He tells me I'm allowed to have him at last. I don’t have to wait any longer. My senses explode and we both end up on the floor. I'm on top, ready to have my way with him. His pants are off and cock in my hands. Thinking back to our sex-power struggle I suddenly remember a way to keep my man submissive. I jump off him and run to the stairs but he catches me halfway up and pushes me against the wall. His tongue and lips are hot and wet in my mouth and my arms are pinned above my head. My blood runs hot for him and my pussy wants to respond. My dress is ripped off over the top of me and thrown to the floor. Again I'm pushed up against the wall.

 “Back downstairs” I order him before I lose my struggle. Obediently he retreats as I finish my way upstairs. When I return I bark more orders. “Lay. There!” I straddle him again and divert his attention while I grab his wrist and handcuff him to the foot of the lounge. I grab his cock in my mouth and blow him and then straddle atop him and dip his cock into my dripping wet pussy.

I begin to ride him harder and harder. The slow and gentle sex from the week before was replaced with hard, fast and rough fucking. I wasn't holding anything back. I was on top of him and I was going to make myself cum while his huge cock tickled and rubbed my pussy with his hands cuffed above his head.

Suddenly my sneaky conquest escaped his bonds and was on top of me. I didn't know what happened. I was selfishly taking care of my own orgasm and not paying him any attention then he was suddenly bending me over my lounge chair and fucking me from behind and spanking my naughty arse. When we finished fucking the lounge chair had moved about 4 feet in the heat of the moment and we were hot and sweaty. I was having a wild ride and the animal inside of me was being summoned.

The shower was just as hot. I still felt like an animal when I pushed him up against the shower screen and his cock became large in between my legs. I knelt down to the floor and took his cock in my mouth again and sucked on his delicious knob. I turned the water off and dripping wet, threw my conquest onto my bed still broken and buckled from the session we had the day before. I jumped on top of him prepared to screw his brains out again when I realised I was late for work. It would have to wait. I would have to go with my insatiable appetite for his cock still unsatisfied even after cumming several times.

It will not be the last time...

Hank Moody, handcuffs and a broken bed (His POV)

One thing learnt very early on was how much we had in common, one of these was Californication.

I had happily burned the first 2 seasons for her, and a week after the affair began i was once again in that lounge chair, a little less nerverous, a little more horny, watching Hank Moody get punched in the head by his underaged partner.

I look over at her, giggling at the scene - that sexy little school girl laugh i had become so addicted to, and mentioned my decision to not let that into our bedroom play - rough sex is good, thats just fucked up! After a few, much interrupted eps, not just with kissing and fondling, but a much humerous phone call from her sister, and my insistant laughter at Hank's "Your secretary makes me want to touch myself in a bad place", the TV was switched off, and we headed up for another dirty, naughty session of incredible sex.

I was thrown on the bed, in her usual aggressive nature, and mounted, it wasnt long and her naked body adourned me, me grabbing at every available piece of flesh, her slowly rubbing her wetness against my throbbing manhood, and sliding me in.

She was wild as she thrashed me until she fell in her now standard orgasmed heap atop me, it wasnt long and again it was on, as i became the agresser, and again it was intense, sweaty bodies sliding upon another, her moaning, and begging for more, harder thrusting, i stopped briefly to make my way down to her wet glisening pussy, enjoying the taste, as she again gave that noise of joy, as she came again, and threw me over.

Again she jumped my body, bouncing on me as if i was some flesh trampoline, enjoying every bit of me inside her until, a sudden stop and "Oh shit", not the orgasm style i was used to, more a concearned, fearful one, as she and i realised, the bed was fucked, bending upon itself, barely standing....."On the floor!" she demanded, and who was i to argue, as i lay down, and she again climbs aboard for one more trip the destination OOOOOOOOO!

A quick aggressively passionate first shower, and our passion was over, and fantasies of the next days fun flooded.

We decided to start our second day with a Latte, another shared love, and a brief window shop, before heading back for round 2 of Californication and of course, sex!

I sat watching, as she disappered briefly, returning with a cheeky grin, throwing her legs across me as she sat, i ran my hand along her legs, under her dress, discovering quickly, a lack of underwear, explaining the grin. I watched Hank's antics, rubbing her pussy softly as we laughed along, her feet arousing my dick. A quick kissing, landed me on the floor, as she attempted a run upstairs, me in chase, catching her halfway, ripping the dress off, and pinning her against a wall, "Back downstairs" she commanded, i followed orders, and trudged slowly back as she continued her journey.

I layed on the floor as directed and was quickly handcuffed to the lounge! Stuck, she took advantage with an amazing session of head, and a quick ride. While she was lost in her sexual pleasure, this sneaky victim, unlatched his trap, and pounced, throwing her over the chair, and thrashing her to another fantastic orgasm.

Another passionate shower, hotter than the first and it was over again.........for now

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The First Encounter (Her P.O.V)

Hank Moody turns his gas stove on and lights a cigarette. I love Hank Moody, this week he has become my hero. Every time I've had sex lately it seems that Hank Moody has had a hand in it. Not literally, of course, being that he is David Duchovney's character in the sexy series, Californication. Every time I've had sex lately my conscience demands the cigarette I've been denying it for a few years now.

I've been screwing the new guy for a total of 10 days, also an avid Hank fan. It was building and building and then suddenly after 6 weeks of intense online flirting and dirty talk I was pulling into a car park to pick up the married man, oosing sex appeal as he walked towards me. We were nervous, he couldn't look at me, I couldn't turn the volume down on the stereo. My hands were trembling. Both of us had never done anything like this before. The idea that he is off limits to me, it makes me want him even more.

I tried to resist him. Every time we chatted we got closer and closer. At work we never spoke and the friendship seemed surreal. Then at night time, behind a computer screen we got confident and cocky. We're chatting online, he knew how to get to me and make me weak.

Him: I could run my tongue all over your body, from your lips to your lips. I'm gonna run my tongue all over your juicy clit
Me: I'm listening
Him: My tongue is running back up your body around those sexy little nipples and into your mouth so you can taste how good you taste
Me: Keep going gorgeous
Him: I'm going to slip my fingers into you while I suck on your nipples and then run those finger over your nipples and around your lips. Then I'd dip my dick in and out of your pussy, teasing you
then I'd slam it into you, and pound you harder and harder

He did exactly that. We went to the bedroom, our mouths and bodies tangled in sensuous passion. He was a considerate lover in his foreplay. My body rocked and moaned in response to his lips and hands. My hips moved to his and I felt his large swollen groin and immediately became wet and ready. We removed each others clothing and my nipples became hard and perky in his mouth. My back arched back and he took full advantage of my exposed neck. I rolled over on top of him and moved down his chest kissing and licking as I went. I took his swollen cock inside my mouth and sucked and wound my tongue around his knob.

I was a little intimidated by the size of his huge manhood. He rolled on top of me and gently put himself inside of me. I felt every inch of his huge cock. He filled me so completely I gasped and moaned all at once but it felt so good. He was slow and gentle to start with and it didn't take me long to cum, my legs were tangled on top of him and I wanted more. He got harder and faster and I held him tighter and we became more entwined with each other. He made me cum again and I got even more sensitive. He took my clit in his mouth. I straddled him cowgirl style. He bent me over and fucked me from behind, I couldn't contain it anymore, I screamed. My fifth orgasm in an hour, the 11month drought was over.

Laying on the bed with his head snuggled in between my bare heaving cleavage I thought about how good it was to have him there. Skin to sweaty skin, arms around each other, wet tingling pussy and huge swollen cock. My mind flittered to her briefly and then away again. I thought about the Christian lifestyle I was trying to lead and had now shattered. I thought about those gorgeous eyes looking up into mine. Then I didn't think again. I didn't want to think again. It was more then just the sex for me...

The start (In his POV)

"Fuck this girl's added half of work". My mind ticks over as I contemplate whether i want to add the fairly random girl i had passed on occasions to my list of co workers on my Facebook. "Fuck it, why not" - *Send Friend Request*

I thought nothing more of the girl, occasional comments and likes passed, nothing unusual, and then, it happened - THE DOOR!

The Door incident, in this man's call was the beginning

I storm through the swinging door, as per standard, as she turns to walk through - a moment of shitting oneself and a brief interaction, and we move on. This was later followed up by a "dance" in which we tried to pass each other, oh how the girl went red.

After these incidents, the comments and likes increase leading to the first FB chat, late one night, started based on an discussion of Soapies, and it was off!

Many of these chats were held, more and more info was passed, as slowly, this quiet little girl, became a free flowing bundle of info, each time getting a tad naughtier, until one late Sunday night as i prepare for a graveyard shift, words not expected passed my screen "Come and fuck me now!"

By now we had discussed it all, and she was well aware of my maritial status, had even lectured me about chasing girls while married, and now after weeks of work, of chasing this girl, was beginning to appear as if she was in fact the one i would break commandments, morals, and promises with.

Each day after was slow and painfull as plans we made for a first meet outside of work hours (inside which we had rarely spoken). Dates and times, places and plans set, and it arrived.

"Leaving Now" the text read as i made my way to the agreed meeting place and waited, talked myself through it, trying to calm these incredible nerves, as if it were my first date with a girl. I sat against the wall, watching traffic, until it came, the car, the girl, and that feeling of my pants getting heavier in the rear. I dragged myself to my feet, stared at the ground and walked over, telling myself "it's just a get to know, nothing will happen"

"Hi" she quivered as it was clear her nerves were as bad as mine, i managed a "Hey" in return as i buckled in and tried to calm down, we set off for her house, and began the chit chat, arriving soon, and walking inside, i found the clear indication of parenthood, one of the early catilists of us talking, i nervously sat as she switched on the TV, news of cyclones flooding my head as i tried to stop the shaking.

Minutes and soon hours passed as we laughed and relaxed, realising this 13 year old shyness was ridiculous of adults in their 20s, she offered a drink, and i held the glass as i nervously drank at it, wondering why she had not resumed her seat, as i let in the sounds of music, the latest attempt by us to settle down.

"Drink Up" the words fell as i found the glass disappear from my hands, and replaced by soft female hands, dragging my to my feet for an embrace, i barely spoke the planned words on no dancing when i found my mouth filled with lip, tongue and passion, the aftershock hit and questions of my well being were present, the blaten lie of "sweet as" followed and we returned to seating.

More kisses passed, as i found myself relaxing with her resting half on me, half on her armrest, this girl who a matter of weeks previously was just that chick at work was now posing the question of a trip upstairs, and who was i to refuse, she led me up, a quick explanation of rooms and finally her room, a bed and the beginning.

Kissing, slow undressing, and then i find myself laying on a bed naked, with her, and thoughts race, morals, questioned, and then it all leaves as passion takes over, an amazing feeling not felt in what seemed forever for us both, and bodies interlocked. Time had passed so quick and farewells exchanged, with promises of better and longer for the day after.

And with that it was on