Wednesday, February 16, 2011

James Hetfield and a Jazzy Hatchback

"Hey Baby" - the now standard hello from her as i have once again snuck out of work for my 1/2 hr of freedom and fun with her, she smiles, runs her hand over my thigh, and pulls onto the road.

A familiar song rumbles through the speakers, i look down at the album case, and smile to her as she has once again impressesed me with her taste, Metallica's Black Album - a personal favourite and "Sad But True", my all time favourite song, we head away from our usual trail, we're are not returning to her house as always, we're off somewhere else.

Our instistance on hiding our affair had softened a little, people knew we were friends, and we felt safer being seen in public, i guess that idea i could be busted was a little hot, knowing she was forbidden, hotter still. I still cared if i was caught, the ramifications astronomical, the knowledge this had an expiry date, meant i was lapping up every chance possible.

We pulled into the spot, overlooking the water, i had been here alot as a kid, being it was a short walk from my school, now as an adult, it held much more value. The car switches off, but the music conitnues, we had moved onto "Nothing Else Matters", and at the point as she unbuckled the seatbelt and made her way towards me, nothing did.

She was awkwardly on top, kissing me, untucking my neat shirt from my pants, knowing i hated it so. unbuckling my belt and pulling the zipper, she reached into my pants and began to massage my dick. The feeling was so good, and so risky, midday at a lookout, on a lunch break, with my partner in crime, it was so naughty it was nice!

I had the flashback to an earlier text "not wearing any panties", i looked at those jeans and encouraged proof, she gladly unzipped them and i viewed my heaven, my eden, that sweet, sexy, smooth pussy, i rubbed it softly, not wanting to get her too hot and steamy.

She pushed my hand away, and leant down, slowly, softly, she sucked at my rock hard dick, rolling her tongue around it, oh so seductive, then as if caught, she quickly pulled away and returned to her seat, our 1/2 hour was up and i had to return to my job, hot, horny, and ready for our next adventure, and i wanted it bad.

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